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Welcome to Google Keywords Tools!

Welcome to Google Keywords Tools!

My name is Marc and I would like to welcome you to Google Keywords Tools – a site all about search engine optimization and keyword research and analysis. If this is your first time here and you are simply looking for a list and review of various SEO and keyword tools, both free and paid, you can start in our Google Keywords Tools section.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for some in depth information about how to improve your SEO through keyword targeting and want an honest, transparent and complete step by step guide on how to find keywords, use keyword suggestion tools, perform keyword analysis and build a site with highly targeted content and ad revenue potential, start at the very beginning of our Google Keywords Tools Learning Series. (more…)

Market Samurai

Market Samurai

Out of all the paid keyword tools we here at Google Keywords Tools have tried, our favorite, by far is Market Samurai. It’s one thing to recommend a product based on assumptions, a short trial period or other users’ reviews but when it comes to Market Samurai, I loved it so much I actually bought it and use it every day! And, as I’ve said before, it was the best investment I’ve ever made concerning my online ventures. Period. (more…)

Google Keywords Tools Learning Series – Mid Point Recap

Google Keywords Tools Learning Series – Mid Point Recap

As you can see, keyword research and analysis can be fairly time consuming. I will often spend 2 or more hours narrowing down a list of about 10 keywords or keyword phrases with low competition and good traffic potential using the steps I’ve outlined thus far in our Google Keywords Tools Learning series. It used to take me 2 to 3 times as long before I started using Market Samurai. Nevertheless, whether you spend 2 hours or 10 hours whittling down a list of good keywords, it is time well spent.

Before we move on to the next step in our Google Keywords Tools Learning Series, let’s recap some of the steps we’ve discussed so far to find keywords! (more…)

Google Keywords Tools Learning Series – Assessing Potential Advertising Revenue

Google Keywords Tools Learning Series – Assessing Potential Advertising Revenue

If you plan on trying to earn some revenue through your website or blog, it’s important to know before you start whether or not the keywords you chose using the keyword suggestion tool and keyword analysis have any Pay Per Click advertisers or affiliate products which target your keywords. Otherwise, Pay per Click ads that are served up, if any, will likely be completely unrelated to your niche and probably won’t get a whole lot of clicks. And promoting affiliate products or services that don’t closely align with your niche will be equally difficult. (more…)

Google Keywords Tools Learning Series – Finding The Right Keywords To Target

Google Keywords Tools Learning Series – Finding The Right Keywords To Target

Once we’ve generated some keyword suggestions using the Google Keyword External Tool, I usually start by sorting the results by competition starting with the least amount of competition. Why? Simply because if I want a good chance to position my site on the first page or even in the first three slots of the Google Search Engine Results Pages, the less competition the better. Of course, that isn’t the only metric we’ll be using to find keywords to target but it is definitely a good starting point. (more…)

Google Keywords Tools Learning Series – Keyword Suggestion and Keyword Analysis Tools

Google Keywords Tools Learning Series – Keyword Suggestion and Keyword Analysis Tools

Once you have a general topic or generic keyword, the next step is to try and discover variations on your keyword and gather enough data to be able to see which ones are viable. I used to perform this step using free keyword tools such as Google Keyword External Tool, Wordtracker and Wordstream and will sometimes go back to Google Keyword External Tool every now and again for a quick search, but for the past 8 months or so, I’ve been using Market Samurai for all my keyword and SEO research, analysis and tracking. (more…)